... the transformation portfolio
at Tactix 
we align people and technology change...
we measure and develop organisational culture...
we combine the innovative with 'tried and tested'...
we draw upon leading-edge expertise...
we build your capability...
we create tailored solutions with you...

Is your organisation as effective as it could be?                  Our know-how can help you to:

  • Effectively align people change and technology change
  • Identify behaviours that impact conduct and goals
  • Develop 'OK results' into high performance
  • Measure and shape the right culture

It's the difference between 'doing your best' and being the best

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  • To discover and devise innovative ways
    to transfer our expertise in design, restructuring and development
    to your organisation
  • To assist your people to build
    tactical execution and collaborative
    working capability through our key
    areas of experience
  • To deliver change through creating innovative and effective tactical solutions to issues that impede business progress